JHS Band Fruit Fundraiser

Our band program has done a fruit fundraiser in the past with great success and we are hoping to have another great fundraiser!  The timing of this fundraiser is PERFECT for holiday gift baskets (friends, family, work associates, church members…) The money raised will go toward providing our students with classroom materials such as instruments, music, etc.  These items are not funded by the school or school district so we need everyone’s best effort to be able to provide our students with band instruction!

Our fundraiser has 2 options:

Option #1

Order Form – this option is our preferred option because it brings a high-quality product for less shipping costs.  The fruit will be delivered to one specific Destination and you will be given a date for pick up after delivery has been made to us. Delivery will be before December 20th – probably the week of December 13th.  

Option #2

Online Order – this option is preferred for those individuals that live out of state and want to support  the JHS band by ordering some amazing fruit!  This option is directly shipped to the individual ordering; however, there is a shipping fee for this convenience and it is per box ordered…please be aware it is an additional $6.97 For each box ordered even if it’s all to the same address.

1) Use the direct link to our fruit sale website:


2) Place an order through the vendor website, using our group’s unique ID number:

• Go to www.FloridaIndianRiverGroves.com
• Selecting “Order Now”
• Entering your group’s ID Number, 277996

This sale ends November 1, 2021 — this is the final day to turn in forms.    All students will be given a color fruit packet with order form in class.